Top 5 Concert Halls in Germany

It is very difficult to visit Germany and not run into a concert hall in the city. Even the most hidden places have at least one or two concert halls, and you will always find something happening there. The big modern concert halls are less expensive with excellent views and comfy seats; you will not have to rob a bank for you to go to these places. During the weekends (mainly Sunday afternoon and evening) you will find less expensive concerts and even some free concerts for the public. You can get your tickets on Friday and Saturday and head down to your concert venue on Sunday for the main show. Here is a list of some of the best concert halls in Germany.

Musikforum Ruhr, Bochum

This is one of Germany’s cheapest concert halls. The concert hall was opened two months before the Elbphilharmonie in a former industrial city of northwest Germany as the city works towards reinvention for the 21st century. The hall is warm and welcoming, with the entrance designed with the facade of an old church.

Philharmonie, Berlin

This is one of the first great modern concert halls in Germany. The Philharmonie in Berlin was opened in 1963 after it’s collection. The hall in the Ocker neighborhood has a designed like a gold-plated tent created by Hans Scharound (architect). Once you get inside, you will find seats arranged in terraces close to the stage. The hall has a resident orchestra- Berliner Philharmoniker. They are considered the best orchestra ever and all their concerts are always sold out. You can visit here for the evening concerts and be sure to have a good time.

Stadthalle, Wuppertal

The small city of Wuppertal is in the northern area of Cologne and doesn’t seem like a place where you will find great concert halls. This place is not famous for music concerts although you will see so many Neo-Renaissance castles located here. However, the Stadthalle makes the difference here. The Stadthalle was opened in 1900 and was famed to be as nice as the excellent halls in Leipzig and Vienna. The building was however bombed during World War two but now serves as the home to the Wuppertaler Sinfonieorchester.

Konzerthaus Berlin

The Konzerthaus is at the Gendarmenmarkt square which is located in the general Mitte District in the capital city. The building was formerly the National theatre before it fully converted into a concert hall. The building was first burned down and was reopened in 1821 after it rebuilt, it continued serving as the National theater before it was bombed badly in the Second World War. The building was opened another time as a concert venue in 1984 and now is home to a resident orchestra and concerts from plenty other music acts. The building is acoustically designed and ranks as one of the top five greatest concert venues worldwide.

Regentenbau, Bad Kissingen

The old town of Bad Kissingen is renowned in Germany as a medicinal town. During the 18th and 19th century, wealthy folks visited this place for their water and used it to cure whatever was their sickness. In other to keep them entertained while the cure takes place, the Regentenbau concert hall opened in 1913. The building’s renovation happened in 2005 and now is home to the Kissinger Sommer Festival and all other music shows.