How to Become a Member of an Orchestra

Orchestras have been for a very long time one of the main places where you can show your music skills. It is considered a true honor and a proof of skills to be able to concert with an orchestra. But entering an orchestra can be quite tricky. There are some professional orchestras where you can enter only if you are invited. These are usually the very popular ones that want to have the best musicians in order to maintain their status. Other orchestras only require an interview in order to test your skills. We have listed some of the best ways to become a member of an orchestra in order to help you follow your dreams or hobby.

If you want to enter a professional orchestra, you will need to have music knowledge. This means that you will have to go to a music college and have at least Master’s Degree in a particular instrument. Only your skills will not be enough because inside of an orchestra you need to be able to read the musical notes and coordinate with the rest of the musicians. These skills can only be learned at a good music school. Take time to perfect your skills and try playing different music styles because you may enter an orchestra that has a distinct style or likes a certain music wave. Make sure that you can play at different paces, so you don’t get overwhelmed during an interview. Many orchestras like to have very versatile musicians that can adapt for every song.

Study with a teacher that has orchestra experience. Solo players are very different from orchestra players from all points of view. Before going to an interview, it is recommended to take some classes with a music teacher that can explain to you all the steps of the interview in order to be fully prepared. Take your time and ask for permanent feed-back. Listen to what your teacher is saying and adapt accordingly. Even if you think you have amazing skills you have to take into consideration that at an interview there will be other great musicians with the same skills.

Go to as many interviews and auditions as possible. Even if you want to go a specific orchestra, it is better to try out your luck in as many places as possible. Many orchestras organize major auditions for one free place. If you don’t enter one, you can still have a spare. This is very important because your music career will be marked by the experience you have, and this will matter tremendously when you apply for a famous orchestra. Think that no matter what orchestra you join, your contribution during the concerts will not go unnoticed.

It is very important to be confident during an audition and to try your best. Even if you see the best musician from your university going before you for audition, this shouldn’t take you down. Your skills are unique, and this is what makes you perfect for orchestra.