Greatest Places to See an Orchestra in Europe

Are you an orchestra lover? Do you live or intend to visit Europe? If both of your answers are leaning towards affirmation, it’s most likely you are looking forward to watching a remarkable orchestral performance somewhere in your neighborhood or during your trip in Europe. Possibly, you’ve heard about various places where live musical performances take place, and the list is so extensive that refining it becomes a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve simplified for you. Below is a compilation of the most magnificent places watch an orchestra in Europe:

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is undoubtedly the hotbed of orchestral music. In fact, there are some places you can go and watch live performances without paying a dime.  One of such places is the Berlin Philharmonic, where you can experience great performances for a whopping 45 minutes starting from 1:00 pm. However, that’s just an appetizer. For further indulgence, there are lots of other decent places where you can sample your favorite music from a variety of the best orchestral music in Germany. Staatsoper happens to be one of those locales. It has one the world’s best orchestras and attracts many star singers for their music production, thanks to the overwhelming quality of music that the house offers. Therefore, you can rest assured that the experience that you will get here is incredible.

Unter den Linden, a component of the property, was recently renovated, making Staatsoper appear more stunning than before and one of the best places to be for fantastic orchestral performances.

2. Paris, France

Just like Berlin, Paris also has some places that you can go to watch orchestral concerts for free, for instance, the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musiqueet de Danse during some afternoons. Pont Alexandre III is another place for orchestra enthusiasts to visit in France.  However, if you plan to come here at night, you need to go early enough, before midnight, to enjoy free performances. For the best and a wider range of orchestral music, visit Philharmonie de Paris, it will be worth your while. Here, you’ll savor live performances by The Orchestre de Paris, a prominent Paris-based French orchestra.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch capital offers free concerts by Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra each Tuesday for half an hour starting 12.30 pm at the Amsterdam Music Theatre. For a wider array of orchestral concerts, you can try the Concertgebouw, one of the world’s most exclusive concert halls. This venue hosts numerous weekly concerts and boasts of an excellent sound system. Concertgebouw hosts both free and premium concerts. You can visit the Concertgebouw website for more information in regard to their concerts.  It is the best place to enjoy a magnificent orchestral performance in the Netherlands.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague hosts tens of top-notch orchestras and, you can expect to see remarkable orchestral performances in the Czech capital. Besides, many international artists visit the city all year round to perform at various music festivals.

Therefore, if you’re lucky, you’ll attend concerts graced by artists from all corners of the globe in one of these festivals.  Some of the major orchestral venues in Prague include Smetana Hall and Dvořák Hall. Hopefully, after reading this, you’re in a better position to identify the best place to visit and watch an orchestra in Europe. Have a great time upon visiting these places.