Famous German Musicians

Germany is known as the birth place of many art personalities and writers. A great part of the classical music was written by German musicians and we see even today that the influence this country has over arts is very strong. In music, Germany has produced many famous songs and even art waves. But not many know the stable musicians from this country. We have listed some of the most famous German musicians in order to better understand the art contribution of this country.

Ludwig van Beethoven is perhaps one of the best-known German musicians. He was born in 1770 in Bonn. He produced countless works of art and his influence over the music world was immense. In every music school his works are studied very much, and he is considered one of the main innovators of classic music. He wrote many songs dedicated to only one instrument and orchestra pieces.

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner is another famous German composer. He was born in 1813 in Leipzig. He studied the works of Beethoven and considered him a great influence over his work. He was an innovator of his time and every song composed by him has a distinct style that made him one of the most famous music composers in the world.

Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the pioneers of classical music. He was born in 1685 in Eisenach. He is one of the first major composers that Germany produced. His works are studied in every music schools and almost every orchestra concert has at least one songs composed by him. He had a very diverse style that made his works very versatile and easy to learn and adapt.

Jonas Kaufmann

Jonas Kaufmann is one of the most famous tenors in the worlds. He was born in 1969 and he had his major international debut in 2006 when starring in Carmen at Covent Garden in London. His distinct voice was appreciated by many critics and he was soon invited to many music events. He is now considered one of the best tenors in the whole world.

Trude Herr is one of the most famous German actresses and singers from the last century. She was born in 1927 in Cologne. She had an amazing voice and silly attitude. She produced many songs that made fun of emotions and everyday situations and she was very loved by the audience. She was also a very respected theater actress and often combined her acting and singing skills on the stage.

Lou Bega is one of the most famous modern German musicians. He was born in 1975 in Munich. He has a very distinct baritone voice combined with a macho singing style. He is famous all around the world thanks to some signature songs.

Lena Meyer-Landrut was born in 1991 in Hanover. She became world-wide famous when she won the European song contest called Eurovision. The song became popular all around the world and her distinct voice was soon heard on every radio channel.