Best Orchestras in the United States

The United States takes pride in having some of the best orchestras in the world. From the well-known big five to some modern-day ensembles, there are fantastic orchestras all over the country, and we are going to discuss some of them in this article. We’ll tell you all about the best and why you should take a chance to see them.

1.    New York Philharmonic

Since its founding in 1842, the New York Philharmonic has been at the head of cultural upholding in New York City and the world at large. Philharmonic is housed at the fantastic Lincoln Center and boasts of a record number of shows over the period of its existence. This orchestra performs in live concerts all over the world and does digital records of their beautiful pieces. Also famous is their Young People’s show, free city concerts and live broadcasts.

2.    Los Angeles Philharmonic

Founded in 1919, the Los Angeles Philharmonic is known for its forward-thinking mentality which makes it one of the fastest growing orchestras in the country. Performing in over 200 concerts annually in historic venues like the Hollywood Bowl and Walt Disney Concert Hall, this orchestra provides not just entertainment but beautiful and magical moments for the music lovers.

The Los Angeles Philharmonic They perform all over the city of Los Angeles and provides instruments lessons to students in their neighborhood through their initiative, Youth Orchestra LA (YOLA).

3.    Boston Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1881, the Boston Symphony Orchestra performs at the Boston Symphony Hall. The group was the first orchestra to play on live radio. The Boston Symphony Orchestra performs in over 250 concerts per year and reaches millions of listeners through their shows, live broadcasts, recordings and even radio performances. The Orchestra’s website is the most visited in the world of orchestra which is a testament to their acclaim. There is no doubt that the Boston Symphony Orchestra fulfilled its founding father’s wish of having an excellent resident orchestra in his hometown.

4.    Cleveland Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra took the standards of concert programming and community engagement to a new level on their global tours giving classic performances. This Orchestra takes pride in their long history of giving back to the community. Founded in 1918, this group plays most of its concerts in the Severance Hall. This orchestra is one of the world’s best symphony ensembles renowned for its excellence and beautiful music.

5.    Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago Symphony Orchestra is famous for their fine brass. Founded in 1891, this orchestra plays in the Orchestra Hall and is one of the more established groups in the country. Chicago Symphony Orchestra goes on nationwide tours and woos fans with their excellent brass music that few can match. Also, together with the above-listed orchestras, they form the famous big five in America.

6.    San Francisco Symphony

Founded in 1911, the San Francisco Symphony resides at the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall. San Francisco Symphony has over time won coveted awards for their excellent classical music and contribution to the community.